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This also made him attract more of his fan following along within the social sites with his high follower in his personal accounts as well.

) Here, following a bit of our own banter with Collins, is his take on purgatory plucking, questioning the Big Guy, old-school smiting and much more. I feel like a little bit of a whore, so that's a triumph in my book.

TVGuide.com: And now it's time for the reader questions.

Jenni asks, "Will Castiel ever talk to Dean about how exactly he was able to pluck him out of purgatory? TVGuide.com: "Does Castiel know what happened to Sam and Dean's father after John helped them in the Season 2 finale? " ()Collins: I don't think that Castiel does know what happened to their father.

He is a supporter and follower of Buddhism who spent most of his time within the monastery that is located in Nepal.

He always visits Nepal for the Buddhism meditation and retreat once in a year for the retreat.

"Collins: Possibly — although Dean doesn't really seem to be that curious about it. He's not omniscient by any stretch of the imagination.

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He is active working as an actor and director from the past 1998 till today he is very fortunate towards his career till the present time.TVGuide.com: "Do you think Castiel should fall, or he should stay an angel?