Tales of dating and mating

29-Nov-2017 14:34

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And because the media leans left — don't even try to argue otherwise, that's like being a wild-eyed science denier — most political mating stories will reflect a certain antipathy toward "those people," meaning Republicans.

Here, 12 guys give their most cringeworthy first-date stories, purely for your enjoyment. "I brought her to a diner right off of our college campus.Welcome to the SUN VALLEY BOOKS where you’ll be transported to America’s original ski resort located in the mountains of Idaho . This groundbreaking series is packed with tales of dating and mating, love and marriage and promises to keep your emotions and your funny bone on high alert. The LOVE ON VACATION STORIES feature shorter stories that invite readers to come on vacation with characters who travel to Sun Valley and stay at the iconic Sun Valley Lodge.Or at least I heard that on a talk show, so it must be kind of true.

If these surveys are in fact true — and right now I don't care if they are — anyone who lets politics interfere with romance is probably too idiotic to raise children and should probably be chemically altered for the greater good. Right now I bet there's some generic young Republican college student reading The Nation, just so he gets the buzzwords right so he might date that girl in Madison with the big brown eyes. Listen to a new episode of "The Chicago Way" podcast with John Kass and Jeff Carlin — with guest Kristen Mc Queary of the Tribune Editorial Board — at Back then, "mixed marriage" had nothing to do with politics. And later, "mixed marriage" involved Italians marrying Irish, Greeks marrying Jews, blacks marrying whites, and the most difficult mixed marriage of all, Sox fans marrying Cubs fans. Over on the NPR news site — yeah, I visit to find out what liberals are really thinking — I found a story about political dating sites, one for Republicans, another for liberal Democrats."There's more activity now than ever," said the liberal dating site boss.