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Such riots occurred in major cities and small towns.

In April 1863, for example, sixty-five women, some armed with pistols and knives, moved down Broad Street in Columbus, looting several stores before police were able to restore order.

As they encouraged men to enlist, white women revealed their confidence in their own abilities on the Georgia home front.

With the men gone, their wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters assumed the management of their homes, farms, plantations, and businesses.

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When the hostilities began, many women encouraged their husbands to enlist by appealing to their manhood and sense of honor.

By working their own fields, as well as taking jobs in local industries, Georgia women provided Confederate troops with food, uniforms, and other necessities.

Like women throughout the South, they formed aid societies to provide soldiers with socks, undergarments, shirts, gloves, blankets, shoes, comforters, handkerchiefs, scarves, bandages, and food.

Location: Southwestern Asia, bordering the Black Sea, between Turkey and Russia Capital: T'bilisi Climate: warm and pleasant; Mediterranean-like on Black Sea coast Population: 4,935,880 (2014 est.) Ethnic Make-up: Georgian 83.8%, Azeri 6.5%, Armenian 5.7%, Russian 1.5%, other 2.5% (2002 census) Religion: Orthodox Christian 83.9%, Muslim 9.9%, Armenian-Gregorian 3.9%, Catholic 0.8%, other 0.8%, none 0.7% (2002 census) Government: Republic Georgian is the primary language of about 3.9 million people in Georgia itself (83% of the population) and of another 500,000 abroad (in countries such as Turkey, Iran, Russia, USA and Europe).

It is the literary language for all ethnographic groups of Georgian people, especially those who speak other South Caucasian languages (or Kartvelian languages): Svans, Megrelians, and the Laz. They often voiced their opinions about events, and they filled roles previously held by men.