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*NOTE: The foregoing shall not apply to the use of any company image, copyrighted material, branded products/services, including abbreviations, acronyms and/or symbols of any nature, trademarks, personalities or names to the extent legally owned by or licensed to the cardholder.

Recurring monthly charges on your credit card can be a nightmare.

After cancelling, keep a copy of the confirmation page, so you have proof of cancellation to help you with any subsequent disputes.

Some companies require cancellation by phone, although calling the company is a good idea even if you've cancelled online, because it gives you a chance to confirm the cancellation.

Use a straight-on full-head image, and zoom in on your face.

Do not wear hats or sunglasses or other items that could detract from your clear identity.

By visiting the website and logging in to your account, you may have the option to cancel recurring monthly payments without ever lifting the phone.

(Note: The Client should also document here additional specifics around acceptable custom logos including allowed dimensions and allowed content.) To upload an image, the image file must be located on a storage device that is accessible by the personal computer on which you are viewing the Pix Card Designer website.

Cash Back Reward redemption options are outlined within our Score Card Rewards web site at Earn extra bonus points (2X, 3X, 4X or more) at participating online and in-store retailers.

Points don't expire so the more your point balance grows, the more reward options you have available. Platinum Secured Credit Card will report your account activity to the three major consumer reporting agencies to help establish or re-build your credit.

Plus, with a 24-month graduation program, your secured credit card could be converted to a non-secured credit card based on your previous 24-month account history and performance.

This is the perfect card to help freshen up your finances. Uploaded images must meet these criteria: File Format: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, or BMP Image Dimensions: minimum of 480 by 480 pixels Resolution: minimum of 300 dots-per-inch (DPI) - 600 DPI is recommended for best quality File Size: cannot exceed 4 megabytes (MB), or 4,000 kilobytes (KB) General - Use a high quality photo from your digital camera - the better your photo the better your card will look.(Issuer Name) or its third party supplier(s) have the sole discretion to approve or disapprove an image based on these criteria and its review process.