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Her mother washed the floors at Natalia’s school and worked nights in the car factory where both her grandparents had been employed all their lives.

Natalia’s teachers knew of the harsh realities of her home life, and they respected how the young girl tried her best anyway.

Neva Vodianova Portman, Natalia Vodianova's 6-year-old daughter with ex-husband Justin Portman, has finally landed her first campaign after a little modeling hiatus.

She posed for childrenswear label Caramel Baby and Child, with whom Natalia collaborated on a cashmere dress and matching collar inspired by her Russian upbringing with proceeds going to Natalia's charity The Naked Heart Foundation, the spread when she was two.

Just like the women in a Chekhov play, she has this extraordinary resilience.

She doesn’t let her difficult past stop her.” In fact, the past drives her like a Ferrari on the last lap of the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Instead, as Ingrid Sischy discovers, Vodianova’s past is a source of strength, passion, and purpose.‘Natalia does not tell you her story the way an American would,” says Bruce Weber, the photographer. With Natalia: it happened, it’s simple, and that’s the way it is.“My grandmother always told me, You have to study, otherwise you will end up like your mother,” Natalia says. She made sure I ate with a knife and fork and put a napkin on my lap. She was very popular with boys.”Natalia had a recurring fantasy in which she’d picture herself as another girl in school, whose home she had visited and been impressed by.She sewed clothes for me and kept them in her home so every time I went to her house I would be dressed nicely. She’d daydream that she was living the other girl’s happier life and imagine herself in the other girl’s bedroom, wearing her clothes …Apart from Natalia, no one supported her mother’s refusal to institutionalize Oksana.

“There was absolutely zero support from the government, family, or society,” recalls Natalia.

“I spent my life trying to make my mother feel better,” she says.