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*** Like Bryant, others who have discovered Noahidism, while not identifying as Jews, seem to love Judaism: the emphasis on asking questions rather than just taking a priest’s word for things, the traditions, the intellectual rigor, the in-depth instructions it provides for maintaining family relations.

But above all, they say Judaism gives them a newfound sense of peace.

In front of him, an audience of about 20 sat in rows, listening attentively.

They are: Do not deny God; do not blaspheme; do not murder; do not engage in incest, adultery, pederasty, or bestiality; do not steal; do not eat of a live animal; and establish courts.

Unlike those around them, Noahides do not identify as Christian.

Their feelings on Christianity and Jesus range from respect of the “all religions have something to offer” variety to palpable disdain.

But the main event was Rod Bryant’s lecture on the , in which Moshe—Bryant used Moses’ Hebrew name—strikes down an Egyptian for beating a Jew.

It’s a familiar story, but Bryant put a Noahide spin on it.

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Bryant didn’t always teach Torah; he was a Pentecostal chaplain in the Army during the first Gulf War.Navarro pulled Bryant aside and told him quietly, “I don’t think Jesus is God.” He was pretty sure he’d be thrown out. Me neither.” It eventually became obvious that Bryant couldn’t be part of the church anymore, and he left, or was kicked out, depending on whom you ask. “Now I really have to trust you.” He started communicating with rabbis who had been inspired by Rabbi Schneerson’s teachings about Noahides, and he learned about Righteous Gentiles and the seven laws of Noah.