Heavenly playgirl dating sim cheats

17-Oct-2017 05:27

You can also increase your Relationship with a character by spending time with him and exchanging gifts with him on Christmas.Haru is at the Lake, Daichi is at the Park and Kai is at the Library.On Christmas Haru and Kai can become your boyfriend if you accept his feelings.Daichi does not confess as he is still getting over his last relationship.Pick fight.—-Duke insomnia ending: Buy blue hilted sword. Duke nightmare ending: Give heart White insomnia ending: Buy purple sword. Joker insomnia ending: Buy red diamond shaped object. The goal of a dating sim is to raise your Relationship with characters and after falling in love, to have a happy ending with them.

Like gift giving, you can't go on dates without talking to a character for a while.

Joker (true ending): Buy red diamond shaped object.

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Once you have enough successful dialogues with the character, a message letting you know that you can now go on dates with the character will appear.

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Daichi is the only character who will start out dating someone else.

You can also choose a boy to give chocolates to on Valentine's Day.