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The number of sessions required will vary depending on the nature and severity of the underlying issues.

Information disclosed in the session remains confidential, except in the case where a client reveals an intention to harm themselves or someone else.

Summary I am a Psychosynthesis counsellor as well as a traditional acupuncturist.

I am using both those therapies entirely separately. I have been working as a therapist for over 18 years .

Counselling offers you the space to explore issues that are causing you distress, confusion or concern; with someone will not tell you what to do, judge or...

I am a yoga teacher, birth educator, doula and massage and craniosacral therapist.

All counsellors on the site have indicated they are registered with one, however it advised you also make the necessary checks.

Our Counselling description was kindly supplied by Dominique Sakoilsky.

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This means there are no laws which stipulate what, if any, qualifications and experience are required in order to practice.My prior interest with healing and alternative therapies led me to persue studies in counselling and psychotherapy.I am a naturally warm and caring person and I believe everyone has the right to live a fulfilled life with...Practitioners can join a professional association and they do require members to provide proof of qualifications, as well as adhering to a Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Counselling professional associations include: It is important you feel safe with the counsellor and therefore we would advise you choose one that is a member of a professional association.I work in private practice and bring a broad previous experience working in the voluntary sector and NHS.