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You want a high-quality online education - one that opens up opportunities to a successful career. At Grantham University, we're doing everything we can to help make your online learning experience as effective - and exciting - as possible.

You have our promise that, from the enrollment process and continuing on through to graduation and beyond, we're here to help you make it happen.

A withdrawal is considered to have occurred on the date the student officially submits the withdrawal form or otherwise notifies the University of his or her desire to withdraw, or on the date the University determines the student ceased attendance or failed to meet published academic policies and is administratively withdrawn, whichever comes first.

This is the date of determination (DOD) used to compute the refund according to institutional policy.

Student finances are individualized and vary from student to student.

Grantham is subject to, and must abide by, the refund policies of any branch, agency, or department of the federal or state government with which it is in any way associated or affiliated.

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If the student (parent or University) received more assistance than earned, the excess funds must be repaid by the student (parent or University).

For example, if a student withdraws from Grantham University on Day 11 of a term, they will be refunded 80% of their tuition.