Fulltone ocd dating

01-Nov-2017 22:21

BTW, I just picked up a Epiphone G-400 Custom SG..far, I'm really happy with it too and I wouldn't hesitate to put it up against the two Gibsons SG's I had preceding it.even my early nineties LP Studio. The 7 strings are about double the price of a 6 string and I wonder if that one extra string will be worth all that extra cash.

Also I notice the prices dropping slightly over the last few years and get a feeling it will keep dropping till they are only a couple hundred more then a six string.

I got no time to be fiddling with ooodles of knobs when I'm rippin' it up on the axe......btw, anyone know of other cabs besides the VOX with the celestion blues? paulchino guys are in your backyard________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________^^^^^G-MAN...are the MANNNN!!!!One was a British magazine where they compared the Mex Telecaster to a USA built 50's reissue butterscotch Tele.