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26-Sep-2017 10:11

Even the black plastic parts to the left are the same with exactly the same holes and shapes cut out of it.

To make things even worse the 13HP models are selling on ebay for upto 75.

My main problem, though, was with the company itself; we had trouble finding the phone number on ebay (there was an online link that went nowhere), and only after requesting to ebay for the number did we finally get through to AGR.

However, AGR did not once answer our phone calls or emails, and we had to again request ebay to contact AGR about our problem.

I hope I have been able to help people considering buying AGR.

I'm a recent Adventurer's Corner (e Bay) AKA Mills International Trading customer.

I know this has been a fairly long post, but I needed to let other people know about AGR." and they go on an on about it being genuine etc and how every one else is selling imitation engines etc..