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23-Nov-2017 21:39

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QUICK LINKS: What is the the Colorado Teen Book Con? Once again, we'll be hosting the Colorado Teen Book Con's YA Author Happy Hour ! Your event ticket cost includes a coupon towards the purchase of one of these books that evening!

* YA Author Happy Hour * Volunteer Opportunities for Current School Educators & Public Librarians * Be a Chaperone and Bring a Group of Students! It was such an incredible event last year and we have a lot more amazingness planned for this year. The night before the Colorado Teen Book Con, these same authors are joining us for a private, adults-only author party. You must be 21 or older to attend, and ID will be required.

No way were we going to spread our community across a bunch of disparate Slack instances.

The entire point of a chat room app is convenient real time conversation.

Back in April, all was well with our community of busy adults learning to code.

We were communicating using, a Git Hub based chatroom system.

We were fine with this, and grateful that this was an option, so we started work on it.

A few weeks later, we hit around 5,000 campers in our Slack, and Slack’s desktop apps became sluggish. Then one morning I did a single @everyone mention, and Slack sent out 50 duplicate notification emails to every single camper over the next 3 hours.

Shortly afterward, Slack Support sent me this email: Well, that was that.

Crunchbase doesn’t show them as having any funding at all.

And yet they are slowly winning a battle with competitors like Atlassian’s Hipchat, Basecamp, and Slack, at least for housing large open source communities. It was much faster than before, and included new features like tab completion on @mentions.

That’s when I was confronted with an ominous message: “You have reached the maximum number of users”. Our contributors had sunk so many hours into building Slack features. There was literally nothing on web saying anything about Slack having a maximum number of users — only marketing material saying that free tier organizations could have as many users as we wanted.

We’d endorsed Slack to thousands of people on our streams, and even mentioned it in interviews with the media. Apparently, we were the first community to ever hit Slack’s undisclosed limit.

I woke up this morning to a mountain of tweets and emails from new campers saying they weren’t receiving our automatically sent Slack invites.

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