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Adult Education; ^Adult Learning; Adults; Axiective Behavior: Citations f Heferences) ; Cognitive Processes : * Education al Assessment; *E aacat lonal Planning; Educational Strategies; Evaluation; Glossaries; Group Instruction; Indiviaual Instruction: ^Instructional Design; Instructional Development; Learning Processes; ^Learning Theories: Lifelong Learning; St udent Evaluation; * Teacher 5ole ABST5ACT This document is a reviev of literature on adult learning^ assembled in a com puter -printout format. C2ncl ed ) Rank Mc Naliy Colleoc Publishina Company, Chicago, 1976, '■- ♦Sanders, Irwin T.

It brings together brief statements made by authors on the various major aspects of individual and social (associational) learning, as veil as inforaaticn cn planning and evaluation.

The document also contains a glossary of adult education terms and a bibliography.

Altnough the document is presented m the conv.entional fcrrri of a monograpn, me soft-vear surport system allows the data base to be continually updated by additions and deletions.

Our recovery focused service in East Hull is for working aged adults who are experiencing secondary mental health illness.

The service currently operates Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Qua T£:s ^ ON ADULT LEARNING prepared by John R A Do&son Department of Adult Education SAINT FRANCIS XAVIER UNIVERSITY •PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE THIS MATERIAL HAS BEEN GRANTED BY TO THE EOUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER (ERl C)." us OE PA« TME NT OF HE ALTH EDUCATt OMA /rf CLFAPE NATIONAL INST'TUTE OF g OUCATl ON DOC.. Hy own f ru:i trat ions with n-^t being sure what to do in a particular situation ^ere the s.'cie uolnts where leadino autnoritles seened to state cateaorij^i, but opposlnn, positions. valley, and Associates, PLANNING NONTRADITIONAL PROGRAMS: AN ANALYSIS OF IHF ISSUES FOR POSTSECONDAPr, EDUCATION, san Francisco: Jossey-Eass, 1974. KELLER'S PERSONALIZED SYSTEM OF IWSTFUCTION: \n APPRAISAL, wash., D.

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(KG) * Seproducxions supplied by SD5S are the best that can De ir^aae * from tne original document, ERLC CO NOTES s. 'j Sawi^v wepwe- 2 ACKN'OWLEDGKMKNTS Over the years# In my wor)c wltr* adults, i cjeveloped various practises which aic Jed rpy facilitation of their^ ana my own, If net all, my iocas were already rocumented by recoanized authorities in the field* I also found that many other of the vassilations which I had experienced decidinn which techniques to use were embodied in differing theoretical ocsitions. DEVELOPMENT AND ADULT fc DUCATICN IN THE ARAB STATES; AN ANALYSIS f JF SUME ISSUES. The service is also a learning environment which facilitates student learning of all professionals within the multi-disciplinary team.

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