Dating steady relationship

24-Jan-2018 02:08

Something new is more exciting than something familiar.What may not always occur to us, however, is that we may be able to find novelty with our old, familiar partner.Conventional wisdom holds that married people live longer and are healthier than singles. Studies show that married people, particularly men, are less likely to die early and are less likely to die from heart disease or stroke. And what about people who are in committed relationships but haven't said "I do"? Experts weigh in on long-term love and your well-being. Christopher Fagundes, Ph D, psychologist and researcher at The Ohio State University, says there is less risk-taking and substance abuse when couples marry -- even less than if they just move in together. "If you’re married, ideally that’s your closest relationship," says Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, Ph D, S.

"Therefore, it is likely that if you're in an unhappy marriage and have tried to work it out but just can't, divorce is a real and reasonable option.If you divorce and feel happy, then I wouldn't worry too much about the potential negative health effects." Women may fare better on their own than men do.