Dating gifts and collectibles

02-Jan-2018 20:44

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Shulton considered using a more uniform product out of molded glass.The Wheaton Glass Company, in Millville, New Jersey, formulated a special milk glass they called "Pottery Glass." It had the heavy look and feel of the Hull Pottery mugs (and bottles) but could be produced faster and with more precision.If your items are from the early days of Scouting from the 19-teens to 1920’s, and they are in fair to good condition, then there’s a good chance that they are valuable and we will probably make you an offer for them.Rare items dating to the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s can be valuable as well and even a few very rare items from later dates.Shop our Chow Chow gifts at Animal Den to celebrate the favorite dog of imperial China.For modern Chow Chow fans and owners, we have T-shirts, fashion jewelry, calendars, collectible Chow figurines and other gifts and Chow keepsakes.While we are aggressive on our prices we are laid back and we never pressure you to sell, if you are looking to sell we are happy to help, if not we’re happy to have done our good deed for the day.

Items dating from the last 40 or 50 years of scouting tend to be much more common and available so values aren’t as high.Why does the Chow have that distinctive blue-black tongue?According to Chinese legend, when the world was being created, the Chow licked the sky as it was painted blue.In adopting its "Early American" theme, Shulton selected the Hull Pottery Company, in Crooksville, Ohio, to fashion the fist mugs.

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These heavy pottery mugs with almost primitive looking graphics were designed to mimic Early American household pottery.

We make aggressive offers for rare or high-grade collectibles and we do many deals every year, usually beating out offers from other dealers and collectors.