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15-Jul-2017 12:16

Skip to content I've been thinking of whether or not to make a thread about this but I figured it's interesting enough to talk about.

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So their standards of beauty are internalized as white only.

Dating a white man is like purchasing a Hermes bag. It has nothing to do with bigger dingalings, wallets, height etc..

it has everything to do with racial approval seeking.

So a lot of AA guys come off as weaklings or social retards if they have no positive social group of friends growing up. This means any kind of mentality to preserve the cultural family unit for traditional reasons are non-existent. Indians are very adamant about marrying other Indians because their culture and religion demands it in most cases. This means you have some 2nd generation born AA's mixed in with a lot of fobs too. You have dumb asian kids trying to act, talk, and dress black.

Arab-Americans marry mostly Arab-Americans if they are muslim. In the past asians followed this type of culture with marriages of convenience and arranged family marriages but it doesn't really happen much anymore. You have asian kids wearing A&F trying to act like preppy whites.It's not unusual for a lot of 2nd generation AA women to absolutely hate or have no respect for their fathers on some level. The media shows the best looking women and men as white.