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11-Nov-2017 05:30

If any of you want to come to Tokyo and show me how it's done then go ahead. But these things are too specific to the man, and aren't worth talking about.

I'm all for foreigners doing better over here with Japanese girls. Not all lame men can travel and get laid, but I didn't mean it like that. It's entirely possible for a man to get nothing in one Japanese nightclub but then pull tons of ass out of another club next door.

I think the explanation for the asian-female/white-male pairing being one of asian females trying to fit in, or being "white-washed," are weak. I try to keep him away from my sets but he comes over anyway (we go to the same bars). Some are broke English teachers (not the majority but anyone who has lived here will attest that these guys exist). Betas are always going to blame anyone besides themselves for their failures with women. Work on game, develop yourself as a man, dedicate your life to self-improvement, and get whatever kind of woman it is they want?

Black women are also exposed to white-washing and yet they aren't clamoring for a white boyfriend. Or it is easier to make snarky graphics on the internet and blame your failures with women on evil white men, colonialism, white-washing or whatever bullshit else there is?

"White-washed Asian women tend to value white men more than Asian men, all else equal." I didn't give a reason. It's just a silly shaming stereotype propagated by insecure white girls and it needs to die.

I included the "white-washed" qualifier because you don't usually see a white male with a non-Westernized Asian female in North America. If white-washed Asian women tend to value white men more than Asian men, all else equal, the Asian man should work his ass off to make sure that all things are Is fat is he? Not to mention that most foreigners are not dating anything like the top quality girls in Asian countries. I actually agree with you about the above analysis of those guys but you seem to be in two minds about this.

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These things I take for granted, since without them you will have a difficult time getting laid anywhere. Pretty hard to overcome for most guys, let alone a guy with no game.Most likely reason being there's too little in common. You do still need to be in shape, have game, language skills, some money and social awareness in Japan to do well. In other words, it's little different from anywhere else.

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